Bardstown Historical Museum's
Collection of American Silver dating from 1860-1990
A lifelong collection donated by David Skellenger

  • Includes:
  • Unique pieces - mustache curler, darning ball, mustache cups, shaving mugs, goblets, baby cups and spoons.
  • Goblet engraved polar bear ice sciles resulting from the Purchase of Alaska in 1867.
  • Cub with the Battleship Maine engraved with the soldier's name, company and rank.
  • Golden Wedding Cups from 1838-1888.
  • Valentine Goblet dating at the turn of the century.
  • The donator's (David Skellenger) fathers' baby cup dated 1902.
  • Other Baby cups engraved with nursery rhymes.
  • Art Deco Chicago's World Fair Cup.
  • The oldest in the collection is a Presentation Cup, dating 1862.
  • Represents American Design from the Gothic Revival to Art Deco.
  • Most of American manufacturers are represented in this collection.

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